Really ?!?!?!

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Ok you do know the only reason this stupid game would even be put in the top 10 here on gamespot is that the makers of this "crappy thing they call a game" is that they have payed off Gamespot like so many other games that "all of a sudden" just popped into the number 1 slot without any advertisement or anything,,, Come on Gamespot STOP feeding the populace with this crap,,, please,,, I have been around here on gamespot since 2007 so please ....

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Are you stupid? for the past 2 years there has been weekly digest on this game during it's beta, covering all sorts of releases.
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I dont even think hes a troll. I think he's serious O_O
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You make no valid points. It's top ten because it's polished, popular, and extremely competitive. It's a complex game. You have to understand team composition, skill levelling, item choices and then adapt that to your team, and your opponent's team. Add in constant map awareness, cooperation, communication and you've got a heck of a lot on your plate. Theorize whatever conspiracy you like, this game has a very dedicated community. Albeit not the friendliest, there are some of us who are more courteous than others. You've been around here since 2007? Good for you. I don't see how that matters. I've been here since 2003. Doesn't make anything I've said more valid. Check out the game yourself, but one match won't expose you to a tiny fraction of the game. Good day.