Is the baby roshan a permanent addition to the Dota 2 shop?

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Will I be able to still purchase it after diretide has ended, or is it an event item? Cause i want it :( But I'm not sure about whether to buy it now or not.
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Its just a no point in buying it anyhow....
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hey bud, i found that list online where it shows greewill egg combinations, basicaly i recommend play diretide wit your mates like crazy, in fact forget about standard games till 12 november and buy chest keys for diretide, open chests and hopefully you get lucky, check out dota 2 wiki in regards to what you put in your egg, and you might get a courier skin which doesnt even exist yet


ignore below comment, skin of courier is cool and I WANT baby roshan as much as i wanna fall in love in this life



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^ heh....i got already 4 of those gems for the egg...and just pluged some in that's usually pops up every second match or so... personally i think all those re-skins are pointless...just to get money out of people....they are not functional, nor offer any actual value...just different look, of a courier...which is rather rarely used in some matches....