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Damage Incorporated is a multi-national, multi-gaming community with around 200 players playing games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Battlefield 4, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Stronghold Kingdoms, World of Tanks, EVE Online and many more. We're also open to spreading out to other games, depending on the general reception for that game. We're also allowing members to build their own ranked teams within our structure, and empowering players, and giving them the chance to show us their leadership attributes. Expect different games to come up as players are rising!

We're catering to all players, both casual and professional, and are hoping that when we gather enough members with the same goal, that we will one day in the near future start our journey in DotA 2 tournaments. With all training and skirmishes provided as challenges.

Damage Inc. contains their own TeamSpeak and forums, a set track record of achievements and accomplishments, and a very family-like community with some of the nicest people you could find on Earth. Many members who join us for the games and find that the game isn't for them, typically stay around for the community, and if you consider joining us, you’ll experience that first-hand!


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In our Dota 2 Division, we regularly held tournaments for all (even those outside of DI) as long as they're responsible enough to follow the rules. We have a lot of fun during our games and chatter because we treat each other as family and no one's been left out.

On the present situation, we have already established teams for South East Asia, America, and Europe. Also, joining in such teams is still possible. Just contact your Captain for each team if you're interested in joining. That is if you're eligible enough to join and they will agree to you.

We would like to emphasize that we are aiming towards mature, aged 16+ players, and that maybe if you don't meet such requirements, maybe you could join us in a few years’ time.


Here are the requirements for joining Damage Incorporated:

- Able to respond to roll calls.

- Able to idle in Team Speak.

- Able to play Ranked Match.

- Has his/her set of roles.

- Can spend time both with the forums and game.

How does a player get selected for a team? We have a process of [b]tryouts [/b]every month where player will constantly challenge themselves for the position they're eager to get for each server. This will ensure less inactivity which can make them lose their respective spots and make big improvements to the team due to experience for each accepted players. A constant practice will be held to make sure that the team gets constant progress in each and everyday they're playing.

For further information, please add either myself, or a friend of mine through Steam;



And please, if you find our ever-growing community to be fun and lasting, do tell it to your friends so they can also come. Sharing is loving!

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