Dota 2 - 25 beta keys giveaway

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#1 Posted by SoulDestroy3r (25 posts) -
Hello guys, I managed to get 26 Dota 2 invites out of a YouTube contest. I don't have any friends interest in playing Dota 2, so I will give my extra keys to 25 people interest in the game, but I have a few rules: 1) You must have experience in Dota. (At least played Dota 1.) 2) You must tell me, why I should give you a key? Feel free to email me at SoulDestroy3r(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks and good lucks to all of you! (^_^)
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#2 Posted by ken933 (25 posts) -
Can i have the key please? email me at .
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#3 Posted by minipointer (25 posts) -
may i hav 1..
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#4 Posted by juanmonchis (534 posts) -

I sent you an email :) please give me one key

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#5 Posted by S0N0FMAN (25 posts) -
please give me one key :)
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#6 Posted by valtik01 (25 posts) -
please give me 1 tnx :DD
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#7 Posted by barnicle_head31 (25 posts) -
Dude...i recently brought an integrated PC!! know why? just to play games like Dota2,HON....etc Hon is working fine........but dota2..thats the problem!!! so i urge you to give me a dota2 beta key to "" thanku
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#8 Posted by rastalj (25 posts) -
please 1 key for me) i wanna this game very very long time=D pleaseeee!! key hereXD
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I would like the key because I had played dota 1 and it was great and i want to try out dota 2 so can you please pm me a key please?
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#10 Posted by fipac (25 posts) -


Hello :)

I am a long time dota 1 player. And i have been playing league of legends for 2 years now. I really want to get in to dota 2 now and this beta key would mean the world to me. I also have a firefall invite if you are maybe interested. My email:

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#11 Posted by alian125 (25 posts) -
hello I am a long time dota 1 player.i am having play dota 1 3,i want a key of dota 2.My email is
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#12 Posted by mimsoo (2332 posts) -

Give me a key so i can beat the S*** of you in a match!

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#13 Posted by Nesiojamas123 (25 posts) -

Hello I'am old dota 1 player and i'd love to play Dota 2.

My Email is

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#14 Posted by iNeko12 (25 posts) -
I'am old dota 1 player and I'd love play dota2 Can you give me 1 key
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#15 Posted by pangit413 (25 posts) -
1. I do have a lot of experience in playing DOTA. I played DOTA since I am at the elementary level. I played the old DOTA Map. v3.xx. I feel the transition of the skills of Magina, Pudge, and many more. 2. I like to get DOTA 2 Key because I can't afford that $10. I am just a student who does have a low allowance from my parents. Aside from that, it seems that DOTA 2 is much more awesome. please send to me the beta key..
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#16 Posted by eyesDraper (25 posts) -
hello there, I'm playing Dota since i was still 12 and still kicking till now, i haven't tried Dota 2. so i think its a good experience to play this and to meet more challenging opponents on this game. so if you would be so kind to lend me a piece of that beta key giveaway i would appreciate it. TNX E-mail:
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#17 Posted by zhenhui02 (25 posts) -
email: steam: zhenhui01
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#18 Posted by robinvanobet (25 posts) -
can i get dota 2 key? give me i please.. i wanna play but i dont have key.. thanks before..
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#19 Posted by ahsan2cool (25 posts) -

hi my name is Ahsan Tahir and i am a big fan of dota.i am looking for the beta key for dota 2 for very long i am a good player in dota my EMAIL id is

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#20 Posted by mamazai (25 posts) -
Can I have beta key?if can send to my e-mail
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#21 Posted by EveningBuzz (25 posts) -
Could I have a key? I've been looking forever for one lol email: Steam: EveningBuzz
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#22 Posted by Alkoyras (25 posts) -

 I would rellay apreciate it if you give me 1 key! My email is!

Ty anyway!





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#23 Posted by NNcrawler (25 posts) -
I'm trading dota 2 with any steam game. Please e-mail me at :
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#24 Posted by NNcrawler (25 posts) -
I have extra dota 2 and im trading it to any steam game. Please email me at :
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#25 Posted by mcavcil (25 posts) -

Hey guys I have 4 Dota 2 giveaways left. you may add me on steam with acount name: mca85 and I can send you invitations


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#26 Posted by mcavcil (25 posts) -

hey guys pelase add me on steam: mca85 and send message to me if possible. I can't do it on email.


an how can I trade any games? I have too many games that I don't play any more. I can trade these:


Dead Space 2

Metro 2033

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition


Left 4 Dead 2


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#27 Posted by mcavcil (25 posts) -

my steam profile is:

also you may search for "mimarcik" or "mca85"

I have still 4 x DOTA 2 Gifts Also I can trade with other games

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#28 Posted by lmuasj (25 posts) -
Free DotA 2 Beta Keys Giveaways Link:
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#30 Posted by ellkyc (25 posts) -
i want dota 2 beta key.. could anybody email for me?