well for a free game its not bad, like I'm in wipe out that TV show.

User Rating: 7 | Doritos Crash Course X360
well it's free, one of Doritos ad games so if you like this game thank them by buying a bag of Doritos. there are now three free Doritos games out there and I think this is the worst one but its still not bad.

Its like you on that TV show wipe out but its a side scroll game. you jump, duck, and... that's it to get to the other side. there's time and you have to do it as fast as you can. race you friend's if they have it. If you have xbox live gold get this game because its free why not and its not that bad.

online is OK. its fun to see who is faster then who and to race your friends but the coolest part is that you race cardboard cutouts its a lol to see once but gets old soon.

Achievements are not that hard.. well some are but most are for beating game and others are online. the beat a level in a time is to hard and get all gold who are you kidding but other then that all can be gotten