It is great to be competitive, right?

User Rating: 6 | Doritos Crash Course X360
I was suggested to do a platform game, usually not my style, but I tried it. This game was developed by Wanako Games, this game is known as Doritos Crash Course (Or as most people call it, Avatar Crash Course). Yes a platform game that takes your own very personal avatar through hell to get to the finish line.
Beginning the game you are put through three levels (or stages if you prefer), that show you how to play using images in the background. The background itself was pretty awesome, depending where you where and which stages you were on, the background would correlate ( America stages = statue of liberty and fireworks MERICA). After you learn the controls, which turns out to be very, simple and easy, you are just racing to beat your friends scores (which I wouldn't move on until I did kick my friend's score/time in the..).
Now, having you avatar thrown at you because you hit a hammer the wrong way amused me. Your avatar would literally come flying at you hitting the screen, cracking the camera. Or maybe they would go the other way and hit a pole. Either way, it was hilarious. Although, this game became super serious when you were competing with your friends, you would do whatever it took to beat their time.
That is the other thing though, if you play this game for too long solo, you get a bit too frustrated and start to just hate the game. Instead of winning you are hitting the same obstacle over and over again. That is why for this game I recommend you don't sit and play this one for hours. Not there is enough content in this to have the ability to do that.
Although this game was super fun, it was only fun for a short while, then frustrating. I recommend you play it with friends, and just for the hell of it, grab someone who is hella competitive like me, because it would be way more enjoyable watching them flip out than to play the game for hours straight. (I would go on more about this game, but it is just small details that might bore you, sorry it is a bit short)
Alright if you would like me to review more games such as this let me know! If you have any other suggestions as well I would love to her for you guys! It is much more fun reviewing games you want me too then trying to pick for myself. Hope ya'll enjoyed!

~ Jedi Girl

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