Free, Entertaining in the end Unsatisfying.

User Rating: 5 | Doritos Crash Course X360

It's simple, easy to play and adorable affordable for Price of $0.00. Steal in the end this game leave you with small but very clear unsatisfying feeling.

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It's all starts with simple task, run thought course of America. The game is pretty similar and it's point is to reflect a beauty of all know TV Show "Wipeout" , steal it doesn't came with big red balls and dirty human kind stars, who make it all more beautiful.

Game is interesting in basic tasks

Game is interesting in basic tasks, its fun, easy to play and you don't need to squeeze your head to understand your task. The Peak point of the game is reached when you are bored and have more than 10, and less than 20 minutes to play a game. In peak point game can entertain you and make to fly those free moments of life. You are trying to beat your own records, reach new heights and maybe even make best of games given area.

Sometimes you are so deep in the game, that you can imaging how you would be acting in real life this kind of game our reality tv show. You are trying to run faster, to build tense of your own or even look how your avatar is falling down form big heights.

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And this is point game fails to keep your attention. The moment, when you are playing with your avatar not with gaming area, is time when you are more thinking how to entertain yourself because game can't give you this feeling of fun. It's because game levels sometimes feel pretty similar to each another and some levels even give you harsh times, when you stuck at one plaice and don't know how to get further.

Game can make you to playing it only for short time of period. It's not that game which you will play in daily basis, maybe not even one time in a month.

It's fun to play free game for moment when you really don't have to do. Game idea is more than good, but the execution is plaice where game can take you to enjoy it for full potential.

It's asking for little more variation of levels, more small details and little more tension.

But game is for free, so why not to enjoy free moments of life.