Doritos crash course is a nice challange to keep u from getting bored or tired,,and it is also a nice puzzle game,,

User Rating: 9 | Doritos Crash Course X360
u would have though it was a bag og chips someone talked about

a bag of doritos or something,,yummy;),,

but in this case it is not,,it is a nice side-scoll challange game,,that looks like wipe-out the tv series;) ,,

,,anyway ur time is up i mean u get alot out of this game andits most fun playing against ppl u know or some random onliners (dudes or something ;p),,

achievements are not the hardest and they are good,,the game though can be occationally hard,,since further 0out in the game it gets very challening as the crash courses,,or shoud we say levels gets deeper and heavier,,

though u can learn from others;) ,,it can get trickier and trickier after awhile,,

there are some nice bonuses here such as nice rewards etc;)

may the best win,,this seems like a olympic game of some sort haha;) ,,

options are nice,,camera just right;)

voices,,sound just right;) many silly sounds and voices,,;)

lots of extras,,options - are just right,,

play this for fun,,,its a silly madness u know and fun_To_Run or soemthing;) ,,

Ur a poker,,nah i poked u,,beat u in under ... ( minutes) ,,

lol,,nah,,anyway hf;) or something;)