A Solid Reboot of a Classic For Net Gen Consoles

User Rating: 8 | DOOM PS4

The last Doom game I played was Doom 3 back on the Xbox Original console in 2005. Doom 3 was more of a survival-horror based game, where the main mission is to discover more of the incident on Mars, and explore the space station more in line with the likes of Dead Space but back on the Xbox original. Now in 2016 Doom, as a reboot was released by id Studios, as well as Bethesda. The moment I started up the game, the tone was far different to Doom 3. Gone was the survival theme of Doom 3, now replaced with frantic, heavy-beat action of running and gunning down demons in open environments on Mars. Survival was based on speed, power and staying on the move. Exploration was still paramount, especially as you search for Praetor suit upgrades, as well as weapon kits for your guns to unlock new fire modes, and attachments.

Then there are the challenges you can find across the levels, completing them in their allotted times rewards either weapon kits or Praetor suit upgrades. You battle and fight your way across Mars through the space-station, then through Hell itself to defeat the demons and prevent them from reaching Earth. Graphically the game is beautiful, with arid red plains and the station of Mars to the fiery, burning Hell of the dead, and demons. Creatures and demons are expertly imagined, and designed from classic enemies from the classic DoS game, to newer enemy types for the reboot.

Battles are hectic, frantic and fast-paced but that is the fun of it - with heavy-metal soundtrack that kicks in during firefights its a game to lose yourself in, challenging yourself to do one better than your last score or kills. Replayability is here with Doom, from varying levels of difficulty, the in-level challenges not to mention the online multiplayer mode that accompanies the game.

The Good:

- A frantic, heavy, fast-paced journey as the Marine to close the portals of Hell opened by man on Mars, and eventually taking battle to the Hell plains and back.

- Fast-paced combat, of speed and movement that create some hectic moments of action against hordes of demons.

- Extensive weapons to upgrade, mod and attachments as well as your Praetor suit to aid you combat and exploration.

- Enjoyable heavy-metal soundtrack, that kicks into gear during combat and truly adds to the experience of the run and gun gameplay.

The Bad:

- The occasional bug glitch, usually with textures but the game corrects it within seconds thankfully.

The 2016 reboot of Doom is well worth buying for fans of the original game, and even Doom 3 but also for fans of frantic, heavy action of overwealming enemies, but overpowered weapons I would even recommend it to fans of Wolfenstein: The New Order and The New Colossus for it's similar gameplay. You can pick up Doom for cheap, especially at second-hand gaming stores where I paid just £5 for it. Check it out gamers.