No non-sense shotgun-to-the-face action.

User Rating: 9 | DOOM XONE

After Doom 3 hit the shelves and took its fans for a different kind of ride, the people were eager for what its successor would be like. Will it continue 3s take on almost survival horror opening few hours only for it go all out in the third act, or will it retain some of the elements of the original games. But deep down, we knew it would probably be the former as video games have begun to become more and more complex in order to provide a wide array of experiences to the consumer.
But then again, when has Doom been conventional.
ID have made their masterpiece of the modern era, a shooter that will transcend time and generation very much like the first Doom, only by stripping away the junk load of mass that is stuffed on the surface of shooters of this generation, by making the exact opposite of what people have begun to expect from FPS this generation.
DOOM (which I will refer to as 4 in this review) respects the intelligence of the players. No one has ever, ever played a Doom game for the story, and 4 knows that. It eliminates all story-inducing elements in the first few minutes, highlighted by Doom-guy pushing away the screen which was explaining the current situation on Mars right in the beginning. Its all about armors and guns. Lots and lots of guns - the big ones too - and walking over the blood and gore of fallen imps, revenants, pinkies, flaming skulls, Barons, Hell Knights, Mancubuses, and the lot.
The levels are big, make no mistake. Completing each to the fullest will take a while, but its all about running full speed all the time and beating up the creatures from hell at close range, from afar, melee, whatever suits your style. Just get it over with.
You have seen the melee finishes in the trailers, I will not go over them, but just know it is effective and a hell lot of fun. So is upgrading the guns and armor, which will only make you a tougher SOB for Hell to endure. Of course for that you might have to play each level more than once in the first play through itself to collect all the items necessary, but its all worth it in the end. And often necessary too. The hordes keep coming in thick and fast, and you have but one way to go - through them all.
Whether you are a returning player of the Doom franchise or a newbie to this level of violence, this is a game tailor made for you. Only if you dont get numbed or bored by the repetitiveness of combat in each level.