Doom brings the glory days to the modern era

User Rating: 9 | DOOM (Collector's Edition) PC

Doom (2016) is a hard reboot of the DOOM game franchise which brings back the classic shooting age to the modern era.

The strongest points for this game is the campaign. The campaign is hands-down the best first person shooter campaign i have played since TimeSplitters: Future Perfect because of how engaging and fun the experience is. Another strong point for the campaign is that it isn't a typical 6-10 hour length campaign, the campaign has a good length and has lots of replay value from challenges, secrets and collectibles. The story is also much more developed since modern hardware in these days allow for more realistic cutscenes, dynamic lighting and much better gaming engines.

The gameplay and mechanics are done very well and which new abilities to execute enemies and new weapon abilities and upgrades increases the fun and pace of the game.

Doom brings back all the enemies from the past games and adds some new ones, each returning enemy they bring back is like a nostaliga trip to the 90's since they fully recreated and used the original doom game as their reference. The sound design and music is very good and has some remixes of the old tracks from the original games too. They even added some original doom levels as easter eggs which is one of my favourite easter eggs to date.

Overall Doom is defiantly worth a purchase and it's most likely discounted now on Steam or console but even today it's still one of the best FPS in years. Rumors say that they will announce a sequel this year.. :)