Nothing is better than killing demons with rock soundtrack.

User Rating: 8 | DOOM PS4
After a long time, Doom finally came back, one of the most revolutionized FPS games along with Wolfestein, Quake and Half-Life (Quake and Wolfestein are from Id Software) is back, obviously many fans were left behind in the beginning , The game is excellent, the game has classic elements, there are several amazing Eggs Eggs, there are also several phases in the game that reminds you of the classics, the graphics are very good, the gameplay is very good, the commands are very good and The difficulty is very good, there are several moments that you must face hordes of enemies that are very challenging, especially in the final phase, the game is composed of 3 boss, and the 3 are difficult, I had a lot of difficulty in 2 boss, there are several Weapons, is very violent, the storyline is not so original, it is still decent, and the soundtrack is incredible, the game has problems, there are moments that the game is very repetitive, where you should always do the same thing, you Must destroy Doom is an excellent game, of course, it has left the fans of the saga. Satisfied, and may even be considered the best of the saga. Note 83