User Rating: 8 | DOOM (Collector's Edition) XONE

Doom is one of the rare video games that perfectly marries old school sensibillities with modern design. Levels that have a natural fluid momentiume but open ended enoght to allow for exploration and experimention. All of this wrapped with the most metal soundtrack since metal gear rising revengences. Thought I will personaly say the games greatest streangth is Doom Guy a mute blood thirsty psycopath who whit out saying a word will have you laughting and smiling threw his simple yet memoribale animations. It is very rare to say but Doom is a video game worth every cent of the asking price and then some or it will be if it wasn't for the good awful loading times that last for multible minutes and break game flow like a brick wall. That alone drops a 10 out of 10 to a 8 because it makes it impossible to get into the flow of the game the best way to descripe it is imagion hotline miami hade you watch a ad everytime you die that would just hurt the overall experinces and fun but if the overall design and charm can make up for awful loading times then you dear sir/misses you have a fantastic shooters on your hands.