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User Rating: 10 | DOOM PC

Haven't had this much fun with a game in ages. I really thought I was getting old and boring where, in fact, I simply don't enjoy this arty crap everybody keeps pushing these days, GS included.

Story - it's just as it should be. Dark, delicately told but not overwhelming. It follows gameplay pace perfectly without suffocating it. Don't understand some people bitching about it, honestly, it's not supposed to be a Tolstoy anyway but more like a Bruce Campbell movie...

Artistic style, music and sound are just perfection. So is the level design. Hidden areas are especially cleverly put: It might be hard to find them sometimes but it's always fun. Gameplay is fluid, gory, furiously fast - and so bloody addictive. Weapons and upgrades are diverse, so there are various ways one can approach the action. It's a pure fun.

Where DOOM really stands out is its technical profile. This is one of the best looking games out there. There are also 3 rendering mods one can choose from to get the visual style one likes the best. But the most amazing thing about it is its performance. The game will run smoothly even on mid weight configurations. I also heard of vulkan api advantages regarding fps boost (though personally I didn't see any difference). The engine is sophisticated, well built and perfectly optimized. The experience and artistry of developers deserve a high praise.