Who's excited about the upcoming 2016 DOOM game?

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I hope the gameplay footage seen at E3 remains true to the actual release on PC and consoles, that's for sure. It would be nice to turn off illuminated ammo droppings AND enemies - when an enemy is close to death they glow or highlight allowing you to do that gory fatality-like finisher.

I'm assuming id will throw in some options to tweak all that though. The amount of enemies thrown into the levels during the preview is fantastic as well. Overall I'm excited to see more coming from id, even if the Johns left long ago. Now all I wish for is Rare to make a comeback and push another Perfect Dark *cough* out.

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I think Dead Space inspired the ammo drop "glow" as both franchises have similar settings of tech & dread.

I absolutely loved the e3 showing and agree on a splendid 2016 if id play it right.

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Closed Alpha Multiplayer was fun. A lot like Quake 3 Arena but with Class-based loadouts and modern engine. I Can't wait to try single-player though. One thing I hated: the Plasma Rifle damage is sooooooo low! All the guns feel under-powered in my opinion but happily you can crank up global damage multiplier when creating a match. Playable MP Closed Alpha is available on torrent sites by the way (2 TDM maps with bots or real people online)

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I just got it on ps4! love the back cover btw..