DOOM PS4 Graphics

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Played DOOM beta on PS4. Great game, I really enjoyed the gameplay, very dynamic, no health regen making players moving constantly. Good return to so called "classic" shooters.

I got one question. When i started the game, I noticed the graphics were not like I seen in advertisement videos. Blurry textures, chunky models, Well being honest the graphis are fine. My point is graphics being worse compared to adv vids. How do you think, am I being a bit paranoic, or this actually got a place to be?
Or do I miss something?

Thank you.

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I'm playing the game right now, and I think the graphics are amazing. Best graphic game I've ever played on my PS4. And the frame rate remains a solid 60FPS even when there are tons of monsters in a room. Why can't every game be like this?

And BTW, not only is the frame rate and graphics good, but so is the gameplay. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a game this much. I love the fact that there is ammo everywhere, and I also love that you can carry every single gun at once. They did almost everything right. My only complaint is I hate searching for upgrades. I always skip collectibles, since collectibles are pointless, but I feel compelled to get upgrades.

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Looks awesome too! Great graphics and I just made a montage.. Doom on Ps4 looks fantastic btw.