Doom II for the GBA is a surprisingly good port, one worth any portable enthusiast's time.

User Rating: 7.7 | Doom II GBA
Doom II for the GBA is a surprisingly competent port of the classic PC game from the early 90's. Not a perfect one of course, given the differences between the two platforms, but still a surprisingly good one given the situation. It's still the exact same game as the one that was released over a decade ago, with all the enemies and levels included. Its problem is just that the GBA simply can't provide all the same experiences that a PC game can, even one that's as old as this one is. The story is fairly simple. You're one of the last marines left on Earth after the demons of Hell invade. Its your job to save the last of the human population before complete extinction befalls them all. It's a fairly standard and basic first person shooter. You can't jump, and your goal is always to simply find your way to the exit by collecting different keys scattered around the game's levels to open them up. The game manages to excel however because it delivers on the promise of pure action. You're almost constantly fighting off the demon hordes, running from room to room to escape them and find more ammo with which to bring them down. On that level, the game is a pure joy. The problems arise first of all when you actually get to this game's conversion to the GBA. First of all, the game's screen is incredibly small, much smaller than a PC monitor, which is what the game was designed for in the first place. Enemies and monsters are way too small, and often appear as dots on the horizon when they're more than a few steps away from you. This can be a problem in a game such as this. Also, if you're playing on one of the original GBA models, without the backlight, the game becomes almost impossible to see. That means that looking at things becomes difficult, if not utterly impossible. There's an option to adjust the game's brightness, but that in itself doesn't always help enough. There's also the problem of switching weapons, which on the GBA requires the use of some of your movement buttons, which means that doing so can become a sort of awkward dance, and may prove far too complicated during battle. The other problem with this conversion is simply that Doom II is an old PC game. It doesn't quite live up to the standards of modern games. As stated, your objective is always exactly the same: pick up the keys and find your way to the exit. Amidst that is combat against the exact same enemies, in environments that can sometimes appear to be a bit too repetitive. Also, it all looks just a wee bit too unrealistic for this day and age. This is a game that was made back when this sort of stuff was considered to be state-of-the-art of course, but it can be just a bit jarring in this day and age. That's not to say that this completely kills this game though, not at all. It's just that you might not enjoy playing a game that seems to repeat itself far too often. Doom II for the GBA is a worthwhile purchase, even if it does seem a bit outdated these days. It's an old game, and it's not a flawless conversion either, but it's still a lot of fun. You might consider giving it a look, provided you either haven't played it on a more powerful platform, or are simply looking for a version that you can take on the go with you.