Couldn't ID just have made a normal DOOM 2?

User Rating: 1 | DOOM II RPG IOS
This is the crappiest iphone game I have ever played. The controls are crappy, the graphics even crappier and it's a turn based RPG. This is the ultimate fail game. It's hard to move around and there's a feature in this RPG where you only have two shots per turn. What the hell is this!? die on your first try? Personally, I think that ID just made this game to get an extra buck in their pockets from DOOM fans.

If this game had been made like DOOM Classic for iPhone/iPod, then it would be a great game, not an ultimate fail like it is right now. Only extremely die hard die hard RPG and DOOM fans would ever like this game.

Since this is supposedly a sequel to DOOM, I (and probably other gamers) would expect to think that the graphics would be improved but NO. ID even failed at doing this because the graphics are actually worse then the first DOOM. This is officially the worst game that I ever played thus far. Thank GOD that I didn't pay for this and got it off Installous.