There are places it succeeds and places it fails

User Rating: 6 | DOOM Eternal XONE

The long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed Doom remake is honestly very much a mixed bag. I found that while Eternal did address a lot of the glaring issues with the first game, It also didn't necessarily fix any of the old and new mistakes that kind of bring down the game as a whole.

The biggest changes I would say, both for the positive and negative, would be towards the campaign and the gameplay. The campaign has fewer missions this time around but the remaining missions are a lot longer as the environments are massive and filled with areas to explore as well as those dreaded collectables, of which there is almost an annoyingly large amount of it. The story, much like the previous game, is also pretty lacking and incredibly forgettable. It's honestly a really glaring weakness of the campaign and if addressed, I really think would elevate the series into that next level.

Speaking of the changes to the gameplay, There is a much bigger focus on platforming this time around and while it typically works fine, for the most part, It's also annoyingly limited and leaves no room for error. Meaning if you mess up, You have to keep trying until you make it. TBH, I am just not a fan of how it was implemented even though I understand why. I also feel like that the additional platforming gameplay should have opened up the melee aspect of the combat a lot more but it sadly didn't. Melee attacks this time around were very much nerfed and are all but useless in combat. I am also not a fan of how annoyingly difficult this game is. Even on the lowest difficulty, This game is very much a challenge and it does not adjust well as you go higher and higher with the difficulty level. It's the kind of game where unless you do it all perfectly from the beginning, You will struggle and die often and cheap deaths are aplenty in this game.

Now the newest addition to the franchise is Battlemode, an online 2v1 mode where it's 2 overpowered demons vs a doom slayer. If you wanted to experience what the campaign already has to offer then feel free to waste your time there. It's a totally needless, bare multiplayer mode that isn't interesting in the slightest. I really don't know why they wasted their time on it but sure, why not.

Overall: 6/10
Doom Eternal can be a fun but challenging game that matches the enjoyment of the first game but without really offering much of anything new.