User Rating: 6.6 | Doom 3 PC
Sadly, this title is one only those with a powerful computer rig will even be able to begin to apreciate. This automatically cuts down a very large percentage of the PC gaming population. Since the engine DOOM3 runs on isn't scaleable, low end PC users might as well look past this title as the game is almost unplayable. In terms of gameplay, there isn't much here to see that hasn't been seen before. It's a lot of running and gunning. We have seen games such a Painkiller, Serious Sam and others pop up and these games I feel are more successful then DOOM 3. The reason is, games like serious sam, which don't attempt to be anything other then a total viseral shooting experience do so and deliver plenty of shooting, in spades. However, Doom 3 really doesn't have that kind of feeling. You'll be fighting one or two guys at a time. This isn't serious sam by a long shot. Next, throw in some MINOR puzzle solveing here and there, some key/door hunting and you've got your basic gameplay of Doom 3. I won't get in to the gfx as they have been covered by everyone else. What I will say is this. Doom 3 offers one of the most dissapointing game packages to date. Most people work their asses off for their money, and to expect someone to shell out 50-60 bucks on a game with as little to offer as Doom 3 does is inexcuseable. A single player experience with 0 replay value clocking in at roughly 10-15 hours, and a laughable attempt at multiplayer makes this a NO BUY! There is no replay value in this game at all. Keep your monies people, and wait for HL2.