BFG edition is coming out

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Since the 360 and PS3 is more powerful than the xbox and PS2 I wonder if this will have the PC ports of doom 3 and its add-on ? I played doom 3 on my xbox back in 05 and was dissapotied that it had left out levels from the PC port I hope this edition includes the PC ports of the games.

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Eh, it was never missing the levels from the PC version... the expansion pack also released for xbox as well. The graphics will probably be the same as the PC version basically, although I highly doubt will look as good as the PC version TRULY maxed out on a PC (16 x anti aliasing). The xbox still can't do more then 2x or at most 4x anti aliasing (smooths edges). If you have a pc to play on, just get it for that. The game is really meant to be played on a PC. So yes, I'm sure there will be all maps included.