You cannot jump in the orginal doom, and doom 2.

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I''ve been a doom fan since the original doom, and I have owned all the other dooms including part 3 when they originally came out.  I think there is a big issue though with the original doom's. You cannot seem to be able to jump. On the 2nd level of doom 2, there is an area where you need to jump up a ledge to get the red key, you cannot jump in both xbox 360 version and PC version. Hopefully that'll get patched.

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No it definitely won't.

These were classic games and thats the way they were made originally.

Back when these were made you had to find a way to get over these hurdles.

Whether it be conserve your energy or whatever.

They don't mess with the old classics like that.

They leave them as they were.

A jump in doom and doom 2 would be seen by many as sacrilege.

It just doesn't belong there.

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no jump then, no jump now

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There are a lot of puzzles and secret doors in doom and doom 2. Sometimes they're hidden really well. Check your map, because sometimes it will show the locations of doors that you otherwise might overlook. Hope this helps :)

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Thanks.  I must of forgot back when I use to play the orignal dooms as a kid.  The only reason I thought it was possible becuase I guess the doom I have on my pc is modified to allow jumping, and moving of the cursor to look around. 

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Really man... There has never been jumping in Doom or Doom 2. On the 2nd level you need to sprint of the edge to land on the other.
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Yeah, that was the issue. I didn't know the key for sprinting, and forgot that you could even sprint in the game. Now to cross that ledge that leads to the red key, you need to sprint and I must of forgot that was how I crossed it way back in the original doom 2 as a kid.

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If you are a fan of the original doom and doom 2 than you would know that you never could jump in the original games ever. It has been that way on every single port of the games from 1993 to present

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I jump all the time in Final and Ultimate Doom 2.
Not sure if it's the WAD's i use, which are mods.

You should try the mods out, you'll be playing doom for many more years to come if you mod this game out to high heaven...

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Your supposed to run at high speeds off of ramps to "jump" in doom 1 and 2.