Don't buy this crap.....

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Get the original and just download the doom 3 HD mod, it will be much better than this crap. 

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Get the original and just download the doom 3 HD mod, it will be much better than this crap. 


I just download this s h i t  for free.

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Why is it crap?
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And are you taliking about something we can do from an X-Box??? Because I'm gussing you're talking about a PC mod. 

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this cost 20 bucks in the UK on friday release .. its got huge package for doom fans , and as a console player who has never played doom 3 . only doom years ago on pc. ? in hd with rage engine implements this is a great deal .
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Rage engine? Im not sure about that one. HD? the trailer looks like the same old thing to me. This is more xbox/ps3 gamers oriented. The only new thing are the 7 extra levels and the flashlight added to every weapon (there is already a pc mod for that)
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He's right it really is crap.  The original with forced 1920X1080 resolution does actually look better.  Another thing, I noticed there is no way to bind the zoom key and they downgraded the flashlight.  I always use right mouse to zoom, that binding key is there in the original but not BFG.  My performance with 4xAA actually slowed down a bit in some areas, in the original with forced HD, not only does it seem a bit sharper but there's never a single hiccup even with forced 8xAA. 

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stop crying... This game is really nice.... Firsttime I had this bad-looking too.... Just redisable 3D vision in MAIN menu, and works perfectly....
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No no no they are right.  If a PC user, the game really is garbage.  No multiplayer in Doom or Doom 2. And the game looks better with the HD mod. No need to spend $30 for a few level expansion.  Contacted steam about how id software lied to me, that this isn't the Doom 3 they made it seem and awaiting my refund.  id Software took my money with Rage and now this. You'll be surprised with how many PC user have post-purchase regret from this title. Don't get me wrong, i'm a fan, but there comes a time when you realize you're being taken advantage of and this is it right here. I'm so sick of the "read between the lines" BS. Everything nowadays is sneaky sneaky, word everything in a way just to get you to buy it, but then it doesn't have what you thought, but they worded it in a way that it covers their butts. It's sick really how they "steal" your money.

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here check this out for more info of why it's not worth it:

The game has lower FOV, has lesser graphical settings, the areas are overlit, no mod support, etc. You are way better off if you buy the original Doom 3 and mod it!

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PC version doesn't work for me both actual disc and downloaded. I don't own a Xbox and don't plan to so the PS3 was the only one available.
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Maybe not if you have a PC and played it too death modded.


If however you HAVEN'T played it. Do all your gaming on console, then I would say definately give it a try.

It plays very smoothly and looks great on the 360.....for what it is this game is an update NOT a HD remake.


A 'Classic mode' would have rounded the BFG package off nicely and the guns could be more aggressive sounding but other than that as someone who hasn't played the PC version in any form this is a great package for an xbox gamer.....

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As someone who played Doom 3 on the PC when it was first released, I can tell you I am really enjoying this rerelease on the 360. I have slacked off on upgrading my PC so most of my gaming is on the 360 right now. At the time of its original release, my rig could only manage medium/high settings and I can tell you that playing the 360 version on 1080p makes it look really amazing. Its a testament to ID just how well this game holds up, both graphically and in the gameplay. I have jumped more playing this game than any other since probably the original Doom back in 93. Since I never got around to playing Resurrection of Evil, this was a definite buy for me.

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no reason at all to support one of the greatest game companies ever. im not talking about bethesda either. this is by far one of the best games on the market today, & it costs less than most of the crap for sale today. this OPer's just pissed he cant open a cheat console in this version. lol.
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For $40, this is a solid package if youre a fan. I still have my D3 pc version and RoE pc, and still bought it just because i prefer gaming on console. Argue all you want about the ability to mod, but for the original title (sans mods), it's damn nice to see this reissue.
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**** you
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I love how people like to talk about pc mods when we are clearly talking about the console version of the game
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Ive got Doom 3 on ps3 and I think its absolutely brilliant. If you guys are complaining that you think the game is crap then I think you need to play it again. If you think Doom 3 is crap then you don't know a good game when you play it
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[QUOTE="Gurru44"]stop crying... This game is really nice.... Firsttime I had this bad-looking too.... Just redisable 3D vision in MAIN menu, and works perfectly....Brishon1

This game is as good as your ability to type.

Mate you truly don't have any decent taste in gaming if you think Doom 3 is a crap. If you don't like the game simply don't buy it before you go insulting people!
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Erm TC... Nah xD Even on PC, DOOM III was only a tech show at best. The game itself has always felt hollow and linear. BFG is a decent package for Playstation and well, all console owners I say. As it comes with the first two amazing games in true form.

& if you end up liking the third? More power to you :)