if you are a survival games fan , then you really should play this .

User Rating: 9.5 | Don't Starve PC
I'm gonna make this short and straight : this game is almost what i've been waiting for so long . It may appear as a funny little game at the bigenning but believe me it's a true survival , and soon since you play you're gonna find out why . you must search and gather wood and light fire before the night comes , and u gather food and hunt animals and pick up plants and all sorts of useful things to survive.you can even gather shit in order to build a farm ! or you can get shit by giving food to pigs so they can make it for you XD.believe as soon as you start playing you are gonna become addicted to it . here you only live once , once you die , you never comeback . actually i was waiting for a simular game but with The Walking Dead theme , where you have zombies wandering around and you have to do whatever to do survive , but this game do it just right.
if you are a survival games fan , you really should play this .