Join me for 200 days of Don't Starve.

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Day 1

I woke up in a mysterious land. A man, Maxwell, calls my name. It doesn't seem like he wants to help me... not in his fancy suit, his snobbish oiled hair. Though, he did wake me up, forcing me to move. So, maybe...

No time for mental images. I have to find food, resources for the night. So, wood, right? Mmh, big campfires require lots of wood. An axe perhaps would do the trick.

Food. Resources. Tools.

No time to rest.

Day 4

God, I haven't even had the time to shave. In ages probably.
As a proof of that, my beard is growing out of any human limit. Looks cool though... probably I wouldn't say that if there were chicks around. But, hey, I'm alone.

Yup. I'm alone.

I can feel it. My brain is collapsing.
I must do something for it.

Day 9

Went out for food today.
Since I woke up on this desert land, I haven't traveled as much. Honestly, I'm scared of the night. Of the things that live in it... and not just them.
Spiders, swamp tentacles, moving trees, pigmans, shadows. Everything is my enemy. So not only I'm hungry and in desperate need for love, but also outnumbered.
Maybe I can make a deal with the pigmans. They seem like easy people to talk to, and they do love food so...

Anyway, I'm starting to lose resources around here. I still have lots of trees, and I'm making the best of the science machine I built.

Problem is food. Maybe I can farm... do I know how to farm? I remember my grandad using animal dung to create farms. Mostly animal.

Do spiders crap?

Day 15

I picked flowers today! I'm so happy! I feel like the world is so much better now...!

Wait... what?

Day 24

Didn't have much time to write lately.
I explored the west of this land, to find new things to use. I found buffalos, which is a really big deal. I took their wool and their dung, and used them respectively to make farms and clothes. No wait, maybe it's the other way around... I do stink though.

Anyway, it was just in time, since winter came. One day it just started snowing, and bam! Everything was freezing. I made some sort of heat stone to keep me hot while I'm away from the fire. Works quite well for a while.

Feeling good to be honest.

Day 30

G-ghost... I SEE THEM! They...
THey are... here. I know... i know...

Day 31

Grass does not grow on trees. NO NO NO!
Grass grows on grass. YE... YES!

.D.a.YYY 41


Day 60

I'm finally myself again.
I picked up some weird flowers one day and everything went crazy. Before you ask, no, I didn't try to smoke them.

So, here I am, thirty days later, with no recollection of what happened. I think winter passed, came, and passed again.

It's summer now. Feeling good. Lots of things going on.

I can do this.

Day 80

I've no problem surviving in this land now. I mean, yeah, days are kind of repetitive, but if I stop even for a second I know I'll have to make up for it the day after. That thrill is keeping me alive.

Pretty much nothing new.

Oh yeah, I created a statue of me using my beard hair. Mmh, don't know why I did it though. My shadow manipulator told me to, I guess.


I'll stop writing now.

Day 110

Found this ice giant. Killed him with fire staff.
Then... uhm. I don't know.
Right, I found this stone with beheaded pigs on top of spikes circling it. I touched it because... hell, I don't know anymore.

Day 170

It's weird.
Everyday it's the same. Yet... it isn't.
My fight for survival is always different, always looking for new things. I keep learning new things, sometimes even by mistake.
When I woke up, I just didn't want to die.
Now... uhm.
Sorry, now I have to go get wood with my pigmans.

Ok, that sounded wrong. I meant that... oh, the hell with it.

Day 200

I'm deeply confused.
I touched this lever on this weird machine I found - I should probably stop touching things I know nothing of.
It killed me.

But here I was, born again from the ashes of the beard-hair-statue I built. Guess I have to thank my shadow manipulator for that tip...

Before dying, I did see who made that machine. Maxwell. It had an image, with his face.

It was him. The man who woke me up.
The one who probably brought me here.

Now I know what I want to do.

I'm going to find him.

N.d.a Hope you enjoyed this really long review. I tried to make you feel the "Don't starve" experience on your own skin. Sorry for any grammar mistake, but I'm not englishamerican or anything like it.