Don't Starve ROG Review

User Rating: 10 | Don't Starve: Reign of Giants PS4

i always liked survival games they filled my hunger for challenge i searched thin and wide for Maxwell and i did it was hard but after i was happy i got the most op character and hardest to get character in the game but then the DLC came out Reigh of Giants and i bought it and it had more challenges and dangers awaiting me so i dived in scared to fight the giants i got the courage to do lots of giants but they were nothing compared to me so i await something new but then i forget the ruins i almost died going in there but i did it i got a pick/axe from the alter but now what then i heard about shipwrecked DLC i await to conqueror the sea and defeat the Qwacken but then i heard about Don't Starve Together i can't wait to conqueror the world with my trusted companion and there more challenges that await me