Don't let the graphics fool you

User Rating: 9 | Don't Starve PC

When I saw this game the first time I thought to myself "this game is nothing special", I thought it is another simple RPG game but I was totally wrong this game is such an amazing experience that can keep you engaged for hours and hours more than other games that have top graphics and astounding sound effects.

this game gives you an adventure that you will never forget but be warned this game doesn't hold your hands or tells you what to do; actually you need to figure out everything by yourself beginning from how to survive to how to get different resources to craft the essential equipment for your survival and if you die you die for good and you start again from zero.

This game is a Rouge-like which means it includes permanent death (permadeath) and different map each time you start over again which ensure a great replay value (replayability).

The crafting system is straight forward and easy to learn. the graphics are simple and cartoonish which makes this game suitable for any pc. The game-play content is rich and will keep you engaged for hours (surviving - monsters - crafting - day/night cycle - seasons cycle) you need to learn how to fight or run away from these different monsters and to learn how to survive the different seasons. The sound effects are simple and nice which adds to the experience.

All in all this game is great example that graphics don't matter as long as the game offers you a content that is unique and entertaining.