Without Nintendo's release of Donkey Kong, we may not be sitting here at GameSpot.

User Rating: 8.9 | Donkey Kong NES
:Good Idea:
·Truly a king to the video game world. This game actually saved video games from total chaos and total destruction. We can thank open sourced games on Atari systems for that chaos.
·The introduction of the Italian plumber, Mario. This is his first appearance, although he really didn't do much but swing a hammer and jump.
·Naming a giant monkey 'Donkey'. What better way to confuse the masses!

:Bad Idea:
·Well, for back in the day, this was a pretty hard game. But these days, you can probably walk through it with your eyes closed.
·The length of the game is around 10 minutes long. Feels pretty short (but they were working with smaller carts back in those days).

·It may be old, but it's a gem to own. If you claim to love video games, you need to pay homage to the classic that helped create games from Super Mario Bros. all the way to God of War.