Jungle Beat is graphically stunning and offers a lot of originality with the bongo controller. One of the best from DK.

User Rating: 8.5 | Donkey Kong Jungle Beat GC
Jungle Beat is a side scrolling platforming game. Here is how to control Donkey Kong:

Left bongo – hit repeatedly to run to the left

Right Bongo – hit repeatedly to run to the right

both bongos at the same time: to jump.

Clapping sensor – to make dizzy your opponents, to grab bananas faster and earn more points and many stuff. But if you get tired of clapping you can just hit the gray bands on the side of the bongos.

Your goal in the game is to defeat the king on each kingdom. When battling an enemy most of them you have to jump on them to defeat them and punch them by hitting left and right bongos a lot and you get that sense on how much you punch the enemies. There are lots of stuff to do in jungle beat, grab on animals to help you on the way: Hoofer is kind of like riding a bull but is really your friend. You will use it in snow levels where you have to run fast and destroy blocks of ice that have bananas inside. Flurl is kind like a parachute, you use it to land safely in the floor in high places, Orco is a whale that guides you to the end of the stage and destroys blocks along the way but you don't control it he does everything by himself and Helibird is a bird used to reach high areas. Sadly he will only fly left and right, yet it's still fun. You have swimming which is sadly the bad thing about this game. It is hard to swim because when you swim left and right he will go to that direction but he will also go down. You can press both bongos at the same time to swim to the top but doesn't always work perfectly and alternate hits in bongos will make you go straight down, which worls good enough. Not saying that swimming is terrible, they just need to make it easier.

You can also do wall jumps just jump into the wall and DK will stick in it then you go left and right by the direction you want, possibly the easiest wall jumps I have ever done. You can do a ground pound which I never did. When you're in the air hold both bongos and DK will go straight down. There are also the white monkeys that can guide when you have no idea on what to do. Sometimes there are these plants that toss you to a high place that is hard to reach. These and many other stuff are used to interact with by clapping. At the end of the stage you must eat the big fruit and start hitting alternating the bongos quickly to grab all bananas and get bonus points. Now the points that you get are called beats which are your lives, if you reach zero and get hit you're dead similar to Sonic, but in Sonic you lose all your rings in Jungle beat you lose an amount like 10 or 20 close too that tough you can't recover them back like Sonic. If you get 500 beats you get the silver crest, if you win 800 beats then you will get the gold crest and bronze crests are awarded when you defeat a boss of a kingdom.

Now let's go to boss fights, my personal favorite. There are different types of boss fights. They are: the Kongs, where you must dodge their attacks then punch them by surprising them to get dizzy and start punching them real fast by alternating the bongo hits. There is a bird, which is the easiest, where you must get tossed by the monkeys to reach the bird then attack his egg, be careful he will try to blow you and start shooting al of this pointy feathers, There is also the Hug my favorite where he will throw electrict balls. then by clapping you take the electricity out of the balls then shoot them at his direction so he gets dizzy then start punching him by alternating left and right in the bongos and last and really least the Tusk, yes the one I hate because you can't punch him instead you must throw him this pineapple that are bombs when he is sucking, to throw a bomb quickly toss it in there and he will blow then he will shoot a lot of pineapple bombs so you can put them on it's heart until recovers from the bomb that explode inside his body. The only thing I can only complain about is the game's length. It's so short, the levels are pretty short too and swimming controls are not that great. But the game makes up it's fault with fun and creative gameplay.

Jungle Beat does a super job with the graphics. Donkey Kong's hair and other enemy's hair looks very realistic and soft, so soft it makes you want to touch it. Also some other enemies are shiny yet they are really good looking shining and are not that big of shine like Sonic Heroes. The environments and backgrounds are great looking too. Not to mention great special effects like the rain in one of the kingdoms. Lava effects, rocks, water, grass and other stuff looks fantastic, though some of the smoke effects remind me of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

The quality of the music fits completely with the action and sound effects like electricity and punches are spectacular. They really bring quality to this game. The boss music is intense and I'm always a fan of music in boss fights. Though when you're playing with the bongos you don't feel like your doing music, some people say they do but somehow I felt the power instead of the rhythm.

The game is pretty short. The main challenge is to get all of the crests on each kingdom to unlock even more kingdoms. But your hands can get tired and for some it can get repetitive and boring after defeating it once. But for me the levels are quite fun and replayable.

If you own Donkey Konga then you should not pass on this one. Some people might find ridiculous controlling a character with bongos but you just have to try it to see that it's totally different of what you think. But if you never liked the bongos then there is not much to like this game. Even if you can play it with a controller the experience is totally different. Jungle Beat is an innovative and creative game and one of the most original games to come in a long time. So Donkey Kong fans if you want some DK in action then here's Jungle Beat, featuring great gameplay and high quality graphics and sound!