Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat is a nice little platformer using the Bongo peripheral for a bit until the repetiveness sets in

User Rating: 7 | Donkey Kong Jungle Beat GC
Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat is one of the few games that uses the Bongo Drums peripheral. Fortunately the game makes the best use of the gimmicky peripheral. At first look Jungle Beat appears as a Donkey Kong Country with updated graphics and more violence. This is pretty much correct except Jungle Beat lacks the charm and variety. While the first handful of levels will seem fun and fresh. You'll beat the boss then you'll notice that it's the same cycle over and over again. If this doesn't bother you slamming on the bongos and looking like a fool during bosses certainly will. Not all is bad in Jungle Beat land though. Graphics are among the best on the Gamecube and you will find a solid experience if you have patience and don't give up too quickly. Don't purchase this game. I'd borrow from a friend or rent if possible.