Though it may be a huge departure from the Donkey Kong Country series, this game is worth a try.

User Rating: 8 | New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat WII

In February, I bought Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for the Nintendo Wii. This game originally released on GameCube in 2004 but was re-released as part of the New Play Control! Program in 2009. The main story of Jungle Beat takes place in the jungle, where a bunch of bad guys have taken over the various kingdoms and it's up to Donkey Kong to take them out!

Although the platforming is the same, the gameplay of this game is different to the DKC series. Instead of stomping on enemies and going through minecart levels, you are collecting as many bananas as you can through levels and facing a boss at the end. The way you can get lots of bananas by pummelling enemies and landing combos that can be done by back-flipping, ground pounding and performing various actions during levels.

The way you beat up enemies is different in this game. for larger enemies you must stun them and when you get close, rapidly shake the Wiimote and Nunchuk to punch up the enemies till they die. For smaller enemies, you can shake the Wiimote to kick them away, clap at them or stomp on them. In boss battles, you must stun he boss, then land multiple punches/kicks on them to decrease their health (except the Tusk bosses, which require you to throw pineapple bombs at him). At the end of the world, the total amount of bananas are counted and you will get crests depending on how many bananas you got throughout the world. You will lose bananas in boss battles if you take damage.

The differences between the GameCube version and the Wii version include the new health system, the addition of a lives system, there are now 60 crests instead of 72 and the addition of two new levels exclusive to the New Play Control version.

Though the gameplay is different in this game, I love it a lot as it is action-packed and it's fun to watch DK use his power to knock out all enemies he sees before him. The new gameplay isn't glitchy or tedious like Sonic Heroes and it is precisely programmed to fit the Wii's controls. I also like the graphics, the level design, the precise platforming, the Kong boss battles (except Karate Kong), the mini-games at the end of certain levels, the music and the challenge level that the game brings as the game progresses.

The negatives would have to be the sometimes unresponsive motion controls, the unoriginality and repetitiveness of the boss battles and the shortness of the game.

Overall, this is a great Donkey Kong game and despite the departure to the original DKC series, its gameplay, platforming and other perks make this a great Wii title, and a great remake of a GameCube game. I recommend this to all Donkey Kong and platformer fans.