Enjoy this instant classic from the famous SNES era, you will surely love this game!

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Donkey Kong SNES
Game: Donkey Kong Country
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Nintendo
System: Super Nintendo
Total Score: 84/100
Value Score: 8.4/10

• Story: 9/10
o Donkey Kong Country's storyline involves in a island called DK island, Donkey Kong who is the main character has his banana horde stolen by the enemy group called Kremlings, along with that they trapped his best friend and nephew Diddy Kong inside of a barrel. Donkey Kong begins his mission to retrieve his banana horde and save his friend and island from the infestation of the Kremlings. The game's plot is very simple, there are no surprises at all, pretty much similar to the Super Mario series when plot is in discussion.

• Characters: 10/10
o There are a lot of different enemies, allies and npc characters in this game. Character development wise, you can notice the character's personalities through their contact with npc characters and on their actions during the adventure while being idle or when being hit by a enemy. Other than that, there isn't much character development between the two main protagonists. Enemy wise, there are a few palette swaps in color but nothing too much to complain about. This game dishes out a decent number of characters.

• GamePlay: 10/10
o Pretty much like a super Mario game, except a bit more challenging as you have two chances (one if you fall and die in a pit), each Kong is worth 1 HP, so if you get hit by a enemy you lose that Kong. You can get a Kong from a DK barrel which can be used like a normal barrel. In terms of techniques, there isn't much, other than the roll attack, DK's ground slam and the ability to jump on enemy's heads to knock them out. Players will be able to intertwine with the setting such as swinging through mines, walking on moving platforms or even swimming in a lake infested with piranhas. Players will also be able to use animal buddies who have special abilities and ways to get to hidden parts of the levels. There are also a array of items such as barrels and TNT barrels players can use to defeat enemies and a variety of tools such as tires to increase your jumping range. Boss fight wise, all you'll be doing pretty much is precise jumping on a enemy's head at the right time and moment for a couple of hits. Nothing too complex and nothing too easy.

• Graphics: 10/10
o This rating is based upon games in the SNES-era, for a SNES game this game was one of the best looking games on the SNES. It featured a 3D feel for the character sprites as the animations for all of the characters, even the npcs were amazing a rarity during its time. The game's environment was pretty well done as well as it also includes a lush 3D feel as well for some parts, the background not so much, but it cant be helped on a game that had so many limitations on a system with low specs. The fluid animation, rare character sprite design and the lush environment will keep you hooked into this game.

• Sound: 7/10
o Although the sound overall is good, there are some parts in the game where it could have been better such as the noises the enemies make seem a bit out of place along with the noises that DK makes, it sounds like it was poor recording was done when compared to the other sounds in the game. Other than that, the sound effects echo along with the music in the background perfectly.

• Music: 10/10
o Players will love the OST in this game as it includes a new beat never seen before during its time (which is now more apparent in a lot of Rap songs). Players will always remember the classical underwater theme or the pirate ship theme that plays in the game, of course these theme songs will eventually appear again in future titles.

• Length: 6/10
o You have 6 levels with about 5-6 stages in each of them, along with that a boss battle at the end of each stage along with 1 additional boss battle which totals about 7 boss fights. With the exploration in some of the levels and the apparent deaths from the frustrating difficulty you might have in some stages, this game will take no more than 10 hours to complete.

• Replay Value: 5/10
o There isn't much replay value in this game as compared to some other Nintendo games (which barely exist to begin with in the SNES generation). Nintendo doesn't even attempt to make any replay value other than the fact you can go back to your old stages and re-play them.

• Player Value: 10/10
o For a Nintendo fan, this is a must buy, for the average gamer, it is recommended getting as you will enjoy a classic from the past than most games. If you love platforms, you will love this game, if you're a fan of the recent animal themed adventure games, you will surely love this game as this game is more than likely one can say the inspiration for those games.