Donkey Kong Country is a blast!

User Rating: 9 | Super Donkey Kong SNES
Donkey Kong Country is 2-D side scrolling game developed by Rare. The story of the game is to get back your banana stash which the Kremlings stole from the Kongs. The game is very unique and has great designs for every stage. At times you could be in a mine cart or swinging from vine to vine. Most enemies you can take out with jumps and ground pounds, but with the enemies with spikes you have to use a barrel or animal (like a rhino or swordfish). If you need extra lives you need to can collect 100 bananas, spell out the word K-O-N-G, get extra life balloons, or golden tokens that lead to bonus levels.

You can either play as Donkey Kong, or his nephew Diddy who is new to the game. You can gain the help of 5 animals by breaking certain crates. The animals are Rambi the Rhino, Expresso the Ostrich,, Enguarde the Swordfish,
Winky the Frog, and Squawks the Parrot. Some animals are only found in certain levels like Enguarde is only found underwater and Squawks will be found in caves.

What really shines in this game is the music. If you want a game with a stellar soundtrack Donkey Kong Country is definitely a must own for you. My favourite track is the final boss theme.

So if you own a SNES you should give Donkey Kong Country a try.