Donkey Kong country still looks fantastic and is both simple and exciting to play.

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Donkey Kong SNES
Profoundly pretty, Donkey Kong Country combines the established fun of jumping on the heads of various things with beautiful graphics that still look totally fantastic. Even at its time, you couldn't really consider DKC particularly innovative, but the excellent level variety makes it engaging the entire way. Though the lack of boss variety is a disappointment, no other aspect of this game is.

By integrating a variety of challenges including rope swinging, barrel blasting, and ostrich riding (because gorillas ride on ostriches all the time) DKC stays engaging throughout its satisfactory length. The game also features loads of secrets, but there is nothing beyond a percentage to make finding these secrets worthwhile.

Donkey Kong Country is essential to any Super Nintendo collection, not only because it was a highly impressive leap in videogame technology and still looks as good as any game on the SNES, but also because I can't see anyone not enjoying what its highly polished gameplay has to offer.