Donkey Kong Country is a brilliant example of a platforming masterpiece.

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Donkey Kong SNES
Donkey Kong Country is the first in a series of three of platforming adventures staring Donkey Kong and his fellow friends and family members. Donkey Kong Country has an extensive amount of levels which all offer variety. Jungle, Trees, Underwater, Caves, and Mines are just some examples of the subject matter for the levels. Along with levels the game also has many easy and not-so-easy to find secrets ranging from 1-ups to new levels. This adds variety and change from the typical run and jump formula. Donkey Kong Country is also notable for having two controllable characters. Donkey Kong being stronger and Diddy being more agile but weaker. With so many positives you'd think the game would be perfect. In fact it pretty much is. My only complaint is the difficulty. At times the game is very difficult and if you're not patient you may end up giving up and missing out on this gem. Whatever you do never stop. Play this now.