Donkey Kong Country (The game the saved the Super Nintendo!)

User Rating: 10 | Donkey Kong Country SNES

Donkey Kong Country is simply the best Super Nintendo game of all time. I have to say from experience this is the game that would of made me pick the Super Nintendo over a Sega Genesis. From running in the Jungle to exploring caves the game is a masterpiece not only in level design but also in graphics. The game is for everyone I remember as a 5 year old on Christmas day opening it, and getting right into it. The game had 3D graphics that was unheard of in this 2D era. Rareware made this game perfect everything in it seem to fit. Not only the levels, and characters, but the game had one of the best soundtracks of all time for any game.

The game is based on Donkey Kong, and his cousin Diddy Kong going after Donkey Kong's banana hold. You then go through many different levels to hunt down King K. Rool. This game game from start to finish is a game that will be remembered through the ages. Rare as the company is currently named surely hit a home run when they made this game. Sega was bragging about the speed of their games compared to Nintendo's games that were a bit slower. Donkey Kong Country on the other hand was the first game with 3d visuals. The game was amazing in gameplay, and the game still amazes me today. There are many secrets in the game that can be discovered. The game in my opinion was better then anything Sega had at the time.

Donkey Kong has become a house hold name. This was the game that finally gave him his personality not just the dumb ape that is chasing after females for Jump man to rescue, Donkey Kong Country is a game I can pick up today, and still play through the whole game without getting bored and that is a rarity. Most games I can play through at the most 3 times and get bored, but after 18 years I can still pick this game up and have a blast like I did when I was that 5 year old on that Christmas day again.

Verdict Donkey Kong Country is the second most selling game on the Super Nintendo next to Super Mario World (that came with the console). It even topped The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past. That is a accomplishment in its on right. The game's visuals, soundtrack, and amazing gameplay is enough for you to keep coming back blowing the dust out of the cartridge for a long time to come. I give this game a 10 out of 10 way to go Rare. I still love this game today they sure don't make them like they use too.