The worst port ever!

User Rating: 3 | Donkey Kong Country GBA
Readers, please be aware that I love the original DKC for the SNES. This review only criticyses the GBA port of it. So, let us begin. Let's start with the fact that the graphics are garbage compared to the ones of the original. The backgrounds have been made really bright, so it looks like DK is walking in the air with a bad picture on the other side. Also, the GBA has a sound chip which is worse than the one of the SNES, and the music has to suffer from it. So that sounds like the game just took some damage, but is still great, right? Well, that was only the beginning of what makes this port so awful! It gets really bad at the first level of Vine Valley: Vulture Culture. I don't know how the game is after that, and here's why: Remember Vulture Culture? If not, it's a level set in a forest, and its main concept is getting fired by barrel cannons, followed by bouncing off Neckys to get over gaps. Well, on the SNES, each cannon is set to blast you perfectly in the middle of the next platform or Necky, so that the level is fair (but still challenging). But on this terrible port, the cannons fire like a pathetic catapult and you'll drop in the pit right before the ledge you have to reach. They only sometimes get you on the edge (and with that I really mean the edge) so the only way to get past this level is to be extremely lucky. Well, that wraps up my review. Hopefully, you won't buy this wannabe Donkey Kong Country and get yourself the only good version of this great game.