An Underappreciated adventure, that within time will draw in any strategic gamer.

User Rating: 8.5 | DOFUS PC
The Good

-Highly Addictive
-Fantastic Turn Based Strategic Gameplay
-Exciting Player Vs. Player System
-Many Crafts And Professions
-Large Community
-Servers For Several Languages
-Variety Of Items, Pets, Equipment
-Unending Hours Of Play Time

The Bad

-Highly Addictive
-Low Graphic Quality
-Graphics And Gameplay Appear Childish At First
-Advertising Spam On Public Channels
-The Game Is Generally Underappreciated By Non-Subscribers
-Losing Hurts
-Some Character Classes Are Over Powered

Upon Starting the game you get to choose among 12 different classes (11 if you are not a subscriber). Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and they each provide unique gameplay. You then choose your color and username.

You begin your journey on an Island In The Sky, Incarnam. It is a great way to introduce new players to the game. There are many quests that are easy to complete, there are weaker forms of the creatures on the mainland, there is a miniature dungeon with four rooms (as oppose to the 10+ dungeons on the mainland) that you can run with a few friends, and finally there is a set of Equipment named the Boone set which is very accessible to players on Incarnam ("Boon"e spelt backwards is noob).

Eventually when you begin to get bored of Incarnam, you can travel to the mainland where there are hundreds of new creatures, thousands of players and NPCs, new professions, dozens of dungeons ranging from level 100-1000+ mobs (groups of enemies). If your not into teamwork then the PvP system is just for you.

The battle system is as follows. You have an amount of action points that replenish each turn. Your spells (obtained by leveling up) each cost a certain amount of action points. It is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. You also have movement points that each move you a space. You have approximately 30 seconds to complete your turn, then you pass.

The unique aspect of the Player Versus Player system is the ability to attack absolutely anybody outside of a city. As a subscriber you choose to be Brakmarian, evil, or Bontarian, good. When you are aligned, you can attack anyone of any level that is neutral, or your opposing alignment. Be careful not to attack people 100 levels higher than you! When you kill someone around your level, you gain honor points. As your honor points increase, your characters "wings" grow. Bat/Demon wings if you are Brakmarian, and Angel wings if you are Bontarian.

There is much more aligned content including territory conquest, bounty hunting players and alignment quests that give you special abilities. Another bonus to PvPing alot is the fame. Once you start killing other players, you get well known, and people respect you. Watch out for those looking for revenge.

The community is also great. There are thousands of guilds to choose from (many have strict requirements), and if none satisfy you, you can create your own. Guilds have many different abilities. They can place tax collecters on areas, get into guild wars, or even kill other players for the fun of it.

The bottom line is;
Dofus is a truly amazing game. It comes with a slow start, and unfortunately offers very little to Non-subscribers. If you can pay 8$ Canadian a month, then it is well worth it. I have spent hours upon hours playing this game, and there is still more to come.

Can you reach level 200?


Gameplay - 9
Music - 5
Graphics - 7
Story - 7
Accessibility - 7
Multiplayer Capabilities - 9

Overall (not an average) - 8.5