Dofus at the beginning is satisfying, but as you procced you will relize it's dissappointing.

User Rating: 6 | DOFUS PC
In Dofus (Aka The World of the Twelve) you get to be able to have 5 spaces on 1 account which you can have 1 character that you select from the 12 characters in the game, all got different ability's and their disadvantage and advantage, as well you get to choose on which server you want the desired character to be in. But you can't play all the 5 characters simultaneously on one account, you can only play 1 character individual at a time. On an account you can transfer things from character to character by the bank you can access from each character in the game.

When you first enter the World of the Twelve (Dofus) you will find it entertaining, with dungeons, quests, professions, and other. But as you will became higher level you will need to pay (every week/month/year) to proceed further in the game as well to be able to get full access to the world and items, but you will realize it was just an awful thing you started playing Dofus in the first place. The game has a lot of instability regarding the 12 characters fighting against each other, and there is the weak and the strong.

At early levels you can do many things alone also getting equipment won't be so hard and won't need a lot of time plus the need to be a subscriber or need of others. But as you became higher level you will need to became a subscriber to get full access to the world, later than you will realize you need other people to help you at things to make your equipment to proceed, some of these items got 0.1% to get and mostly are just 1 out of 8 items needed for that equipment like hat, some items can only be found in dungeons which take 2 hours minimum and which you need a group of 8 people also mostly having 1% of getting on an item which you need to get a group to get, furthermore if the item isn't acquired you will need to start all over again which will be atrocious. Some characters need to change the element of the weapon which has very poor success%. At the end you will realize it's just time wasting.

Mostly gathering people to help you is hard and at the end you will end up needing to make more then 1 account which you need to subscribe for. Even if you manage to get the desired equipments or items there won't be any other entertaining experience.