It's fun, simple but somewhat disappointing if you don't pay and buggy for slow connections.

User Rating: 5 | DOFUS PC
When I first starting playing this game it was cute, and took quite awhile to level characters. It was fun.

Like most MMORPG's you pay or you don't really get to receive the full benefits of the game.

Characters are customizable to certain degree, you can change the colours of your character and are able to see different gear on your character running around.

For non-paying players expect to be limited to small region of whole dofus world. I think its about 10% of the whole world. A lot of people don't pay or those that do dont venture further than that small 10% since nobody is out of that region.

For everyone, expect to a billion load times to get to different areas in the map. Also in battle sequences if you or someone else doesn't have a fast internet connection expect delays when fighting. Sometimes your or someone elses character will lag and not see the option to fight, you end up annoying the other team players or waiting for the other players turn to finish before you can fight.

The people I've met on the community are rather egotistic and if your not higher than their level are most likely to turn on you and kill you - even though you don't receive xp for killing others. This is not to say that its everyone but they definitely seem to be the majority.