A fun, simple, free (well, if you choose not to pay) MMO for you and some friends to play.

User Rating: 7 | DOFUS PC
This is a simple game, so I'll give a simple review.

The good: Good, unique battle system (for an MMO). It's strategy-RPG style, which takes place on a grid. If you've ever played Disgaea, or Final Fantasy Tactics, you'll get the feel of it soon. Good PVP, and if you're the nasty sort, you can PK (player kill; basically, kill other players when you didn't challenge them). Each class plays a different, yet vital, role to the party. It definitely encourages team work.

The bad: The only bad factor is a big one; the free play is insanely limited. About all you can do once you're through with the free game is either subscribe to Dofus, or just do PVP. I understand that most MMOs usually have limited play, but Dofus is by far the most restricting I've played. You have a total of two areas you can go to. Another problem is, to even stand a chance in the game, you have to follow a "cookie-cutter build", which is where you follow a template of leveling skills and attributes. It cuts down on the customization.

All in all, it's worth the download, even if you choose to play in the free world.