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DoDonPachi Resurrection Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Destroy ]-[|/34<#!. ]-[|/34<#!
    Connect a 10,000 HIT combo. (Arrange A) 10,000 Hits!
    Connect a 100,000 HIT combo. (Arrange A) 100,000 Hits!
    Connect a 500 HIT combo. 2x Bonus!
    Connect a 1000 HIT combo. 3x Bonus!
    Connect a 5000 HIT combo. 5x Bonus!
    Connected a 10,000 HIT combo. 7x Bonus!
    Enter the Open Second Loop. A Daunting Task
    Destroy the Stage 1 boss "Element Daughter A.I". A.I.
    Destroy "Golden Disaster". Abominable Execution Weapon
    Activate a hyper by using a bomb stock. Activate Hyper!
    Trigger 3 auto-bombs during play. (Arrange B) Automatic Transmission
    Collect all the bee items in a stage. Bee Completion
    Clear the game using Bomb Style. BOMB Style Victory
    Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Bomb style. Bombing ]-[|/34<#
    Select "NO" at the end of the first loop. By no means.
    Collect 5 hyper items and fill the Hyper Meter to MAX. (Arrange A) Charged Up
    Picked up a bee item while it was flashing on a stage with an average enemy rank of more than 50. Descent to Hell
    Start up the game. Engage Hostiles
    Charge up 5 hyper stocks during one hyper activation. (Arrange A) Extreme Generator
    Activate your hyper with 5 hyper items in stock. (Arrange A) Full Power!
    Increase the Expert Gauge to MAX. (Arrange B) God-like Existence
    Destroyed ]-[|/34<#!. Humanity's Triumph
    Cancel a hyper. Hyper Cancelling
    Use a ton of hypers during Stage 1. (Arrange B) Hyper*Hyper
    Use the RED Mode. In the RED
    Collect 10,000 "Expert Items" on Stage 3. (Arrange B) Iron Plate Love
    Pick up a 1up item. Just Don't Bomb
    Survived the mother ship's destruction by an abominable force. KABOOM!!!!
    Stayed at bottom of the screen using Laser Custom. (Bottom 1/3 of the screen for 70% of a stage) Lonnnnnng Range
    Destroy the Stage 2 boss "Element Daughter NextExy". NextExy
    Clear the first loop. (Arrange A) Non-infinite Loop
    Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Power style. Overpowering ]-[|/34<#
    Destroy the Stage 3 boss "Element Daughter Perfect*". Perfect*
    Clear the game using Power Style. POWER Style Victory
    Select Strong Style. Prepped for Sheer Violence
    Destroy the Stage 1 mid-boss "Tulip". Pruning the Tulips
    Clear the game without picking up a Bomb Item. Quitting my Bomb Addiction
    Destroy the Stage 4 mid-boss "Raiko". Raiko
    Destroy the Stage 4 boss "Element Daughter Ray'n". Ray'n
    Increase the RED Gauge to MAX. RED GAUGE MAX
    Destroy the Stage 2 mid-boss "Senko". Senko
    Destroy the Stage 5 boss "Element Daughter Shooty". Shooty
    Entered the secret route after Stage 3. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
    Clear the game using Strong Style. STRONG Style Victory
    Destroy ]-[|/34<#! using Strong style. Stronger than ]-[|/34<#
    Enter the Hidden Second Loop. Suicide Mission
    Enter the secret route in Stage 1. Taking a Detour
    Enter the secret route. (Arrange A) Taking a Detour
    Score more than 50 million points across all stages. (Arrange B) Thank You For Playing
    Let a hyper item drift off-screen. The One that Got Away...
    Used a Free Bomb. (Arrange B) This One's Free!
    While using Bomb Custom style, bombed when a bullet was 1 pixel away. (Free Bombs not counted) Too Close for Comfort
    Clear the game using the Type-A ship. TYPE-A
    Clear the game using the Type-B ship. TYPE-B
    Clear the game using the Type-C ship. TYPE-C
    Cancel a ton of enemy bullets after activating hyper. (Arrange B) UwaAaaAAaAa
    Collect all bee items in a stage while they are white. (Arrange A) White Bee Hive

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

DoDonPachi Resurrection Cheats For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Access Second Loop

    To enter the open 2nd loop of the game, you must collect at least 35 hidden bee icons, which can be revealed by firing the laser so that the FRONT edge of the beam passes over them (having it on and running over it from the side doesn't count) and not continue. Defeat Shooty on Stage 5 and select the top option when Longhena asks you the question. This will take you to the Open 2nd loop, featuring Taisabachi as the final boss at the end. This can also be achieved by finishing the first loop by not dying at all if you lack of hidden bee icons. If you get all 45 bee icons AND are on the hidden (Ura Route) when you defeat Shooty at the 1st loop end, selecting yes will take you to the Hidden 2nd Loop, which operates similar to the Open 2nd loop, only after Taisabachi is destroyed, Hibachi will appear to attack you. Defeat Hibachi to unlock it as a playable character.

    Contributed by: Daedelous 

  2. Unlock Hibachi for iPhone mode

    On Ship Select for iPhone Hit B type once then, A, B, C, A, B, C, B, C, A, B, C, A, C, A, B, C, A, B Hibachi will appear at the bottom to confirm the unlock. Alternatively, simply beat him normally in the game.

    Contributed by: Daedelous 

  3. Achievements

    By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles.

    Discover the hidden route in Stage 5 A Hidden battle for the Future
    Discover the hidden route in Stage 4 A Hidden world darkens
    Raise the Multiplier to 999 in iPhone Mode. Aggressive Mathematics
    Start a game in Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode Challenger
    Earn 100,000,000 points in Arcade Mode. Baby Steps
    Discover the hidden route in Stage 3 Blinking lights of a Hidden Future
    Get hit with your Hyper Gauge at MAX. Blissful Death
    Use a Bomb. Bombaaaa!
    Cancel a total of 100,000 bullets using the Hyper Counter or Hyper Cannon. Bullet Canceling Maniac
    Got taken out by a large enemy laser Death Cannon
    Clear all modes with all ships. Dodonpachi Squadron New Recruit
    Find the hidden route in Stage 1. Hidden 2008 Tokyo
    Use a Hyper Counter or a Hyper Cannon. Hyper Activated
    Fire a Hyper Cannon at Level 2. Hyper Cannon Power-Up
    Turned Hyper Cannon more than 10 times at once Hyper Rotation
    Enter a second loop I will face them full force
    Collect 100 bee items. Insect Collector
    Start a game in iPhone Mode. iPhone Mode Challenger
    Increase your S Gauge to MAX in Menace Mode Lamdbs for the Slaughter
    Earn 1,000,000,000 points in Arcade mode Learning to chain
    Defeat Element Daughter Shooty. Merciless Huntress
    Defeat Element Daughter Perfect Miss Bright and Cheerful
    Connect 1,000 HITs in Arcade Mode. Multiplier X 3
    Earn 100,000,000 in iPhone mode Power and Endurance
    Earn 50,000,000 points in iPhone Mode. S and M Neophyte
    Defeat Element Daughter Ray'n. She Once Protected Us...
    Collect 10,000 star items total. So Many Stars
    Defeat "Golden Disaster" Target for the weak point of f**...
    Start up the game on any mode. Thank You For Your Support!
    Defeat Element Daughter A.I. The Conflicted Daughter
    Discover the hidden route in Stage 2 The Hidden Road of Fate
    Defeat Element Daughter Next EXY To Change The Future
    Clear Arcade Mode using the TYPE-A ship. TYPE-A: ARCADE MODE COMPLETE
    Clear iPhone Mode using the TYPE-A ship. TYPE-A: iPHONE MODE COMPLETE
    Clear Arcade Mode using the TYPE-B ship. TYPE-B: ARCADE MODE COMPLETE
    Clear iPhone Mode using the TYPE-B ship. TYPE-B: iPHONE MODE COMPLETE
    Clear Arcade Mode using the TYPE-C ship. TYPE-C: ARCADE MODE COMPLETE
    Clear iPhone Mode using the TYPE-C ship. TYPE-C: iPHONE MODE COMPLETE
    Fire a hyper Cannon at Level 3. Utter Destruction

    Contributed by: Daedelous, discoinferno84, psxsquall 

  4. Alternate Music Options

    After you've beaten the game, you'll unlock the option to change the background music for the iPhone and Arcade gameplay modes. You can change the music via Sound Menu.

    Beat the game. Alternate Music Options

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  5. Alternate Stage 1 Music

    While the game is paused, during stage 1. This code works for both Arcade mode and iPhone mode.

    in Arcade mode, shake the device until a chime sounds DoDonPachi Dai-ondo
    in iPhone mode, shake the device until a chime sounds DoDonPachi Dai-ondo Remix

    Contributed by: SSFSX17