DMC tells the tale of Dante's past in a stylish n impressive way,yet lags in puzzles(not a single) n Boss fights(2 easy)

User Rating: 8 | DmC: Devil May Cry PS3
DMC is certainly the best looking game in the whole series,n it's combat is pretty impressive,n the story too looks good(don't know why GS made that an issue),,but still somehow it is not the best game of the series,cause unlike my favorite one-DMC 3,it lacks mind-blowing puzzles n difficult Boss fights,,+Dante's attitude has changed(probably because the game narrates his past),i mean he's still kicka** n all,but he does give a s**t in this game(unlike the others,where Dante even fought ladies-The Lady for example),,but it's a pretty decent game,n a fun for the series fanboys(u may not however like Dante's new look).!!!

STORY-Just like all the previous games,the story hasn't been given enough importance,the plot is good:Dante needs to find who he really is,n why the Demons r after him,n his association with his brother Vergil n all,,but it all gets lost among other superior things.It's still decent enough to play d game,n unlock the mysteries!!!

Combat-DMC perhaps has the best combat system among all the games,the number of weapons Dante can carry(8 in total) n the varieties in combats+the update system r all new.But so many weapons can at time be a pain in the a**,cause simply dodging n attacking may b useful in many situations than using different combos.Still it's fun n makes battles pretty interesting.
Bosses r pretty easier though(i personally never died by any boss on normal difficulty)as compared to other foes,n takes away the fun of previous games.I still remember beating Vergil in DMC 3,cause it took me hours n a lot of chances to do that.That is a bit disappointing!!!

Graphics-The best,it looked so real out there,,the environments however r superbly-restricted n non-unique(everything looks the same).The developers could have done much more with that!!!

Controls-Superb,n fun to cycle through them,especially after update,,but the camera angles r pretty weird,n may b disturbing to some!!!

Characters-Dante is good,but not as influential as the previous versions,,his hair r also changed(Black),which actually angered a lot of fanboys b4 the release(i personally found it ok).
Vergil looks cool but weak,until the last missions..Kat is hot,but not noteworthy...Mundus n his mistress r worthless!!!

Puzzles-Contrary to the previous games,this one has no puzzles at all,n even if present,i didn't find any worth mentioning.It was good in DMC 3,when i kept searching on how to climb the tower or DMC 4,n is a let down!!!

Secret Missions-Didn't play,didn't find any reason to!!!

Overall-Graphics,Combat,n Controls r pretty impressive,,Dante is kicka**
Story,Boss fights,Environments,lack of challenging puzzles let the game down,other characters aren't anything!!!!

P.S.-Try the game!!!!!!