Devil May Cry? Was it a good game? Did it suck? Read my review to find out.

User Rating: 5 | DmC: Devil May Cry PS3
I want to start off by saying this is the first DMC game I have ever played, I understand their is a full series of these games and they are apart of the hack & slash genre. The story is based on this young guy named Dante who has a twin brother and they are sons of an Angel mom and a Demon dad. I didnt know what to expect when I popped this disk into my PS3. My friend sent it to me and I really had no prior knowledge of it. I dont like the game. The game is for a certain demographic of people I dont fall in. Dante is really annoying to me and the game was poorly written in my opinion. The gameplay is a little too ambitious built around 3 different weapon combos. First you have the guns & sword combo that you start with, the guns seem to search no purpose because you cant actually kill enemies with them, the sword will be used the mose, after that you get fire elemental battle ax from the spirit of your demon father and an ice elemental sickle that you get from the spirit of your angel mother. R2 to use the axe gameplay and L2 to use the sickle. Going back and forth between these two system is kinda difficult if not clumsy to pull off. I dont think the game gives the player enough time to actually master 1 combo system before forcing your to use all 3 quickly. Its not hard remembering the actual controls its just feels so unnatural switching between them. Back to the story, the dialog in this game is terrible. Im a 33 year old male and I can say this game felt so immature, like it was trying so hard to be cool, yet was annoyingly uncool. If I was 16 or 17 maybe I would have be like "hell yea!" but I found myself rolling my eyes at the dialog and the lame azz wannabe cool characters. Dantes brother so far is the easiest to deal with and I sorta wish the game was about him instead of this Dante guy who curses for nothing. All in all the graphics are just ok. Im new to the PS3 system, but Uncharted, Little Big Planet & other games look a little cleaner in graphics. I have to give this game a 5. I just dont like it all that much, even though there were no glitches and the controls seem to work great, the story, main character, supporting characters and dialog really turn me off a lot on this game. If you are age 21 and below pick it up 25 and over should be ashamed for even thinking this game is ok.