This is DEVIL MAY CRY not TWILIGHT peeps!

User Rating: 7 | DmC: Devil May Cry PC
No need for long introduction here. First of all, i think the new look Dante is kind of weak and emotional. I've played most of the DMC series but this is not what i expected. It looks like Twilight or Underworld franchise. Is just doesn't feel right though. Why????? Shouldn't Dante a bad-ass devil hunter?? What's up with Virgil??!

I think it's not fair just commenting on one aspect of the game. Overall the gameplay is good and the idea of "Limbo" kind of creative but repetitive. Weapons and attack combos are great although I have to train many times in order to get the combos right. The story is predictable and I love the Final Boss fight with Virgil. The fight was intense and I could feel the brotherly rival between Dante and Virgil. This is where it all started. Oh, I like the Angels and Demons thingy where Dante have the abilities of both. Devil trigger is quite disappointing because that is where you're bad ass side kicks in! Instead you got all the demons floating in the air and you jumping around like a monkey trying to slash them! EPIC FAIL!

Although there are several mishaps that I've encountered, I must admit IT IS DEVIL MAY CRY! It's not bad but a bit overrated. If they can manage to stick to the REAL DMC series and NOT the TWILIGHT SAGA, the score could be higher from me. A 7.0 is enough! No more or less!