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User Rating: 4 | DmC: Devil May Cry X360
Immersion: Another third person action game (TPA). It tries to immerse players in the environment, and when it forces interaction with the environment in the form of platforming, it achieves some emotional involvement there. The character is initially a blank slate, covered over by sexual references. He doesn't really mature beyond that. Characterisation comes primarily from interactions with others. Unfortunately the character ends up being rather flat, a generic hero guy players are un-involved with. So, that brings us to combat, as DMC could be called a Spectacle-fighter or beat-em-up, it needs to be ace here, and is it? At first the character is granted very few abilities, and must gradually acquire new skills, very gradually acquire new skills. These cannot be undone by the way. Combat itself is fast and combination centric, like every other spectacle fighter. The addition here are the whips and guns, which add more options, but still it takes a while before the spectacular moves available in the demo get unlocked. Audio is mediocre, but what is there is well done. It just doesn't immerse the player very well because the game seems so focused on combat and creating the most spectacular displays. Doing one thing well doesn't make an emotionally involving experience, nor do references 5/15, at least it does combat at an OK level

Difficulty: Many options available, challenging enemies requiring special tactics, platforming is standard third person fare. Difficulty is mostly from achieving high rank on levels more than enemies themselves. 7/15, multiple options and not being overly cheap at any point pull up what is a shallow difficulty curve

Lasting Appeal: DMC is a quest game, with little else to offer beyond a training mode, and a challenge mode. The game falls back on its combat and multiple difficulty settings really to generate any appeal long term. 7/15, fans will like it a while. Otherwise, it won't be long in your drive.

Overall: 6/15 decent combat with multiple options, provided players can stand it long enough to unlock enough moves.