Its the normal Devil may Cry but with yet another Dante

User Rating: 8 | DmC: Devil May Cry PS3
I have the Ps3 DMC and found that it ran fine.It had the basic idea of the other DMC but also seemed like a remake of DMC 2 from the Ps2 . The levels where what I would expect from a Devil may cry game except, like bright and full of demons to kill, a little less Bad ass-ness from Dante. If you have never play any of the other games before then it would be a good one to start off with good story and fast past.
I have played all of the Devil may cry games so it wasn't big deal when the weapons changed and new ones were brought in. They were all done with a good art style that really made the game more dineamic and aloud your combat style just go crazy. That was one thing I rarely hared any one talk about was how easily it was to switch between weapons in combat, it was truly the best part of the game.

I found that many people were up set about Dante's hair was black or just dark but that's really not a big deal because they change him in every game and it changes though the game.

Over all the game is worth a buy if your a fan for the game line or even a fan of hack and slash.