Nothing less i was expected

User Rating: 9.5 | DmC: Devil May Cry PS3
I bough this game in 11 jan and no one can imagine how happy i was since 3 months i didn't touch my ps3 coz nothing worth until that day .... I just play the game and really was out from this world very perfect story ... Reboot is amazing .... Game play totally insane and so much action in there as if i drink about half dozen of red bull ..... Its hard and am not gonna use any walk through i ll find every thing by my own coz i wanna enjoy this game until DS3 out and mix it up .... Guys believe me if u r a fan of this series just don't hesitate take it without thinking .... And live your moment ..... This game totally the game i was looking ... Graphics, story, action and the best part hair didn't change the way game have to be and beside a lot of new weapon in there.... My last word its perfect in every way you look at it.