A less than decent facsimile of the originals

User Rating: 6 | DmC: Devil May Cry PS3

*Spoiler Alert*

Decided to play the game I had in storage after ages.

I have mastered the shotgun, so a decent way through.

My impressions so far:

  • Unreal engine sucks

  • Combat style lacks the panache and finesse of the original

  • We didn't need a different take on the whole Dante, Virgil and limbo thing

  • Didn't need a retelling

  • Didn't need a free-range camera

What I crave for is the original bad ass I saw in DMC 3 hunting and f*cking up out of this world demons with a top-notch fighting system. The game lacks originality like it was stitched together and someone tried to do a good job of taping the cracks; it feels very derivative.

Weapons are handed out too fast, too soon and will leave you dumbfounded . The game play and pace does not give you the chance to master weapons and abilities as you play the main story. The combos don't look well strung together.You're better off skipping this one and pinning high hopes on DMC V.

Me I'm a sucker for trophies so I'll most likely go all the way regardless of all the gripes I have outlined so far :(