DMC Reboot is a great action game that makes you feel insanely powerful.

User Rating: 9 | DmC: Devil May Cry PC

I'm writing this review on 3.31.18.. many years after it's 2013 release because I always thought this game sucked.. I was wrong. I've played the original DMC when it first came out and skipped all the rest. I vaguely remember playing this again when it first came out and put it down. That's because I didn't appreciate what this game truly is.

DMC is a great action game allowing you to pull off multiple combos at the tip of your fingertips. Starting off it seemed like the game lacked in depth combos and wasn't special. That's where I made the mistake to put the game down. See, as you play and unlock new moves, new weapons and items the gameplay expands to one of the best action games I've ever played. You can juggle enemies on the ground or smash them in the air and continue combo's using many different weapons at a time all with ease. It's very entertaining engaging in battles with demonic creatures and showing them you aren't messing around. I like the grappling hook which allows you to pull enemies closer to you or have you be pulled towards the enemy, this allows you to continue combos and keep going with the assault.

Besides the battles, each environment has a gothic feel to them with hidden secrets in each level allows you to search for all the hidden rooms, keys and items. Some of the levels were boring looking, like the ones that pieces of gravel are just floating around in the air and you jump from platform to platform but they weren't too bad.

The music picks up during battles to give you that badass feel as you're slaying enemies. The replay value is high because some things you just can't unlock right away and you must go back once you have your full arsenal to unlock.

Dante is back with a new look and new story. DMC is a badass game and the battles don't really ever get boring. New weapons keep you engaged as you play through the 20 chapters plus the DLC adds to the whole package.